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E KOMO MAI and Be Happy

Turn Your Children Into Happy Helpers

I'm in my last month of pregnancy which means it is getting harder and harder to do things around the house.  Without Daddy around for some reason when I ask for help to do chores around the house my children ignore me more, complain more, or argue with me more.  When their Daddy speaks they listen the first time & things get done quickly around the house.  I'm not Daddy so I had to figure something out quick because I can't handle doing it all myself or having my whole house turn into a pigpen.  My children are 10, 9, 6, and 4 years old so I know they are capable to help me a lot more than they do.

My friend Juli gave me this idea a long time ago.  She had a point system for the children when they would do chores they could earn prizes from the prize box or go on a special outing.  Money is super tight in my home so I came up with rewards that do not cost anything at all but the kids were super excited about it.  (Keep in mind that we rarely watch TV or play video games in our home.)  

Then to encourage a good attitude when doing the chores I have bonus opportunities for doing things the first time they are asked or better yet doing chores without me asking at all!!!

It has almost been one week since I restarted this point system and this is what I have observed so far…

  • Better attitudes when I ask for help.
  • Quicker response when I ask the first time.
  • More willingness to help.
  • The kids secretly agreeing to work together to do a chore so that they both get extra points & get it done faster.
  • The kids encouraging each other to do something the first time I say anything.
  • Things getting done without me saying anything!  I love it & always make sure to say "Thank you for doing…" even if I know they are doing it for extra points.  
I am loving this good attitude & I hope it continues for a LONG time!  :)

Below is our family's list of ways to earn & redeem points.  Hope it works for your family too!

EARN Points:
BONUS +1 Do things the first time you are asked
BONUS +2 Do things without being asked

+1 Do Simple Chores (clean your room, pick up your toys, put away clothes, gather trash, throw out trash, dish rack, sort laundry, take down laundry, fold clothes, dust OR sort recycling)
+1 Do ALL homework (finished is when mommy signs your homework folder)

+3 Harder chores (wash all dishes, sweep, wet swiffer, vacuum, clean sink, toilet, tub, OR wipe walls/cabinets)
+3 Help cook dinner

+5 Help wash the car
+5 Organize something

+8 Laundry - Wash & hang

5 points - Eat an extra candy or treat
5 points - Drink another cup of Juice

10 points - Eat ice cream when you want

25 points - Choose a Netflix movie to watch
25 points - 1 hour on the computer
25 points - 1 hour on the Wii

35 points - Choose a craft to make w/ Mommy
35 points - Choose a game to play w/ Mommy

45 points - Do a science experiment w/ Mommy
45 points - Bake a treat of your choice w/ Mommy

50 points - Mommy do one of your chores for you
50 points - Go to the pool or beach

100 points - A date with Mommy

200 points - Have a party with friends (theme or holiday party)

300 points - A friend can sleepover