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Harry Potter Wands

This year for Halloween, two of my children wanted to be students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter.  Of course they needed wands and I remembered pinning on Pinterest how to make Harry Potter Wand Tutorial.  Perfect time to use this tutorial!  :)  The tutorial is great but I did want to add a few tips I learned as I made these wands with my children.

Tutorial link:  http://yourlifeuncommon.blogspot.com/2010/04/harry-potter-wand-tutorial.html

Tips I'd like to add to the great tutorial...

1. You might want to use a stronger paper than typing paper.
2  Use glue to hold the funnel tube together NOT tape.  Tape doesn't paint over well.
3.  Be patient, very patient when filling the tube with hot glue.  The beginning is difficult for children so lots of adult help for this step.  Your hand may get sore...mine did after two wands but we had to make four (my little two had to have wands too!)!
4.  Do NOT stop the glue step to do something else.  If you do part of the glue may dry and end up leaving a little air pocket which then makes the wand easier to break later on.  You do not notice the air pocket till it is too late.
5.  Painting for kids is great for any age because it doesn't have to be perfect!
6.  This more kids you have, it could turn into an all day project but the finished product is really cool!

Here are our finished wands.

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