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Selling My Hair Part 2 It SOLD for $600!

More interested buyer responses:

"Hi there, I'm a barber stylist and was looking for a hair model to perform a military style cut for females (off the ears and neck, clean cut). Would you be open to modeling a military cut?  Would be willing to pay! Thanks! "

"Hi, do you have a photo of your hair in a single braid?  And would you consider growing your hair longer for another year when you are paid a $400 advance now?  Total price would be $750 for 25", $1000 for 28".

"Would you consider doing a boys haircut for that much money. I would really like to see you get a really short haircut"

Another asked if I'd do a short haircut kind of like Emma Watson or Halle Barry.  I found it kinda creapy that they wanted to have a say of what kind of cut I would get.  One even sent me pictures of the ugliest hairdos (punk rocker kind) that he wanted me to get.  AND why a barber shop?!  I know both of these famous ladies did NOT go to a barber shop to get their styles!

Two showed interest in getting the video of the cut.  One said it was for a psychology research of how hair plays a part in how a woman feels about herself.  The other wanted to help in some way to get us to Disneyland but couldn't pay for what I asked for the hair.

Because of these strange & unique requests I added this to my ad:

My hair will be cut by a professional salon upon confirmation of payment receipt through paypal. Cutting can be filmed or photographed if requested. If you\’d like to purchase just the video of my cut, please contact me.
Due to my profession as a teacher I will not shave my head or get a military cut. I already have a trusted hair stylist to do my new cut.
FREE shipping.

Buyer Chosen

I had a deadline so I had to choose who I would sell my hair too.  The first guy I chose as my final buyer decided he didn't want my hair any more.  The next one was too wishy washy but he said he is still probably interested in the video for his research project.  Another interested buyer who made a huge offer but said I had to cut my hair first send video & pictures then he would find a buyer from one of his retailers who would offer this huge amount of money.  At least two potential buyers warned me about this guy who has been known to scam people.  They would cut their hair, send pictures & video then he wouldn't get back to them.  I asked him for validation of who his retailers were & didn't hear back from him so I dropped him quick.  My last chosen buyer was an answer to my prayers.

My buyer was easy to work with.  Very kind & clear in his emails of what I should do & how he wanted it shipped to him.  He paid me half up front through paypal $300.  He wanted 4 seperate pony tails at least 24" each.  Each rubber banded tightly so not to get loose.  A before & after shot to prove it was my hair.  And all the clippings on the ground too.  Each pony tail was to be bagged separately.  When he received it he would pay the rest of it totaling $600.  The most wonderful part about my buyer was because he knew my goal & why I was cutting my hair he wanted me to have the FULL $600 for Disneyland & the kids so he also payed for my haircut, paypal fees, and shipping.  He DID NOT have to pay for any of that!  He was truly an answer to my prayers.  I asked him what he was going to do with my hair since when he gave me his address it said Dr. ___.  What did a Doctor need with my hair.  He said it was for product testing instead of using animals.  Very interesting!  He also told me he enjoyed doing business with me so if I grow my hair out again & have at least 12" of hair, he'd buy it again.  :)  I asked if I could be a middle person for anyone wanting to buy hair & he said sure, though he doesn't buy hair as often as he used to.  

As for my 2 video buyers.  The research guy totally flaked out on me.  I even did video on all the questions he asked me to answer!  It was a waste of time.  But the other one so sweet, he paid $200 for the video.  He said he wanted the children to have money to buy something at Disneyland.  He asked for a picture of us with Mickey Mouse.  I didn't have any problem with that.  I also helped him choose a photo birthday gift for his mother through my business.  Happily she really liked her gift.  :)  He is a sweet guy and offered any of my friends $ for a video of their hair cuts.  He said he just wants to help people out.

End result… for my hair & video of the cut I got $800!  Not too bad if you ask me!  :)

Soooo… if you want to SELL your hair and/or do a video of the cut for $$$… I have my two contacts.  :)  Let me know if I can help you!!!  Don't know if you'd get the same price as I did… but it's worth a try.  :)

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